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Research Grants

NSUKI will offer 2 small research grants per year on a competitive basis.

Amount of award

Up to £5,000 per award.


Research into any aspect of neuromodulation.

Eligible costs

Funds may be used for equipment and/or consumables directly related to the project. 

Funds may not be used for salary costs, travel to conferences or conference registration fees (support for this may be available under the society’s bursary scheme), the purchase of computers other than as an integral part of test equipment, or publication fees.


Up to 12 months


Applicants must be paid up NSUKI members at the time of application.

Small Research Grant conditions

Grants are paid in pounds sterling to an account held by the applicant’s institution.  The institution must not take overheads or other fees from the grant: the entire amount must be available for the research.  Funds will not be paid into personal bank accounts. 

The grant holder is responsible for the administration of the grant.

Recipients will ensure they have appropriate ethical approvals in place prior to commencement of any work using NSUKI grant funds.

Recipients will acknowledge the financial support of NSUKI on any papers arising from the research supported by the grant, and in any poster or oral conference presentations. Copies of all publications must be provided to the committee by email.

Recipients will disclose funding source as required on any relevant conflict of interest declarations.

Recipients will provide a report within 6 months of the end of the grant period detailing how the funds have been spent and what the resulting academic outputs were. A grant holder who fails to submit a report will be ineligible for further grants until such time that the report is submitted.

Unused funds must be returned.

Names of recipients together with the lay summary provided on the application form will be published on the NSUKI website when the grant is awarded.  The final report will also be published on the NSUKI website when available.

Application process

Applications are considered once a year with a closing date on 1st April.  Late applications will not be considered.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome within 4 weeks of the closing date.

Applications will only be accepted using the application form below and applications will be judged solely on the information in the application form. 

If the study is part of a larger research project, then it should be clear how the rest of the project is funded, and that any such funding cannot cover the proposed study.


The NSUKI Research Grant Committee is appointed by the NSUKI board.  The chair of the Research Grant Committee will represent NSUKI in all communications relating to the award, except for correspondence relating to transfer of funds which should be addressed to the NSUKI Treasurer.

The NSUKI Research Grant Committee will judge the applications based on the application form alone, taking into account the importance of the research question, the feasibility and likelihood that the proposed project will answer it, the likely impact of the research if successful (which may be via subsequent larger studies for which the proposed research serves as a pilot), and whether the project represents value for money.

The decision of the committee is final.

Application form.

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