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National Neuromodulation Registry (NNR)


The National Neuromodulation Registry was launched in February 2018 and is currently administered by NEC Software Solutions. 


The aims of registry are:


  • patient safety

  • the accurate capturing of a national dataset for neuromodulation implants and its patient outcomes

  • tracking of devices & recall

  • production of an annual report

  • production of data extracts to stakeholders


You will no doubt have read about the increasing importance of registries in the NHS to maintain patient safety.  Registries provide a platform for the collection of high quality information enabling the analysis of this information to safeguard patients whilst delivering modern and cost effective interventions. Large Real World Longitudinal datasets are increasingly used to gather important information on safety and effectiveness. NHS England High Cost Device Programme states that “improved access for patients to new technologies by allowing new devices, with proven effectiveness and value, to be adopted quickly and consistently.” Centralised commissioning will increasingly be based on evidenced outcomes for patients and a centralised repository of evidential data that is independently collected is essential. ​  

Why is this important for the NHS?


  • The Get It Right First Time (GIRFT) recommends “the mandatory use of the National Neuromodulation Registry for Spinal Cord Stimulators”

  • NHS England specialised service outcome indicator includes “Proportion of patients with neuromodulatory/ITDD devices submitted to National Neuromodulation Registry to Include new, revisions and explantation”



NNR Governance team

  • Neuromodulation Society of UK and Ireland (NSUKI)

  • Faculty of Pain Medicine at the Royal College of Anaesthesia (FPM)

  • British Functional Neuro-Surgery (BFNS)

  • Medicines and Health Related product Agency (MHRA)

  • Clinical Commissioning group (CCG)

  • Association of British Health-tech Industries (ABHI)

  • Lay member

  • British Pain Society (BPS)

  • National Intrathecal Baclofen Forum

  • NHS Supply Chain  

Patient Application

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